Cambium Networks Combines Enterprise Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Infrastructure to Deliver Exceptional Network Service for Outdoor Campus, Municipality, Hospitality and Warehouse Environments


Enterprises and municipalities deploy high-performance networks across large areas more quickly and efficiently with Cambium’s ONE Network solution for wireless access and backhaul

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of broadband networking solutions, today announced that enterprises, municipalities, and system integrators are successfully deploying private outdoor wireless networks to campuses, cities, resorts, and warehouses more efficiently and cost-effectively with Cambium ONE Network solutions. Institutions and property owners can rapidly deliver Wi-Fi service to users or IoT devices, such as security cameras, across outdoor areas or to remote locations using fixed wireless and outdoor Wi-Fi. Cambium Networks provides secure and reliable connectivity that can be deployed in hours or days compared to weeks or months.

Cambium’s ONE Network solution simplified the operation of the network by bringing all the technology stack components into one system. From a single screen, administrators can provision, monitor, troubleshoot, inventory, and lifecycle-manage a holistic system as opposed to discrete network elements. Day-to-day operational tasks are simplified and automated while training requirements are reduced by providing a converged system view.

Use Cases
The need for robust, utility-grade internet access extends well beyond common indoor use cases. Outdoor, private networks, consisting of Wi-Fi and fixed wireless, can be used to cost effectively connect employees, tenants, and guests, in addition to a broad range of devices including IoT sensors, control systems, video surveillance cameras, and more. Cambium Networks brings together a unique combination of outdoor Wi-Fi and fixed wireless infrastructure to effectively support these use cases:

Municipal Wi-Fi Networks:

  • The City of Huntington Park, California recently launched the first phase of an ambitious citywide public Wi-Fi network. Covering approximately 75 city blocks, the network leverages Cambium cnWave™ 60 GHz distributed mesh nodes as the backbone along with long-range outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points and cnMatrix™ TX ruggedized switches installed on city-owned streetlights. “We knew the city’s streetlights were optimal for mounting Wi-Fi APs, but the bigger challenge was how to interconnect the APs with a reliable backhaul,” said Rami Dababneh of LAN WAN Enterprise, a strategic Cambium partner who installed and operates the network. “Fiber was cost prohibitive, and we are thankful to have discovered Cambium Networks’ cnWave 60 GHz solution, which not only provides the necessary bandwidth, but enables network resilience and redundancy.”
  • Salt Lake City’s City Connect program includes public Wi-Fi hotspots in the city center. The network extends the city’s fiber core with Cambium Networks cnWave 60 GHz  fixed wireless broadband access (FWA)  to support Wi-Fi access points. The system can support  thousands of people attending large events and provide PCI-compliant secure communications for credit card transactions at the farmers’ market events. “Our primary goal is to make free public Wi-Fi available to people,” says Nick Kryger, Chief Data Officer, City of Salt Lake City. “The city’s solution also connects video security, smart parking, and other IoT applications.” Read the case study here.


  • Hampshire Property Group is a major holiday and caravan park operator in Australia. Its Big 4 Howard Springs Holiday Park in Darwin deployed a complete Cambium solution for property-wide service, including the: Network Services Edge (NSE) for redundant WAN service and security; long-range outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Aps; ruggedized cnMatrix TX switches; and ePMP™ fixed wireless which backhauls Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras. . An HPG employee remarked, “The difference is night and day. Our guests now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, making their stay with us even more memorable. We’ve seen a significant uptick in positive reviews focusing on our improved amenities, thanks largely to Cambium Networks’ solutions.” Read the full case study here.
  • A Cambium cnWave 60 GHz fixed wireless and outdoor Wi-Fi solution helped Pentewan Sands Holiday Park on the Cornish coast in the United Kingdom meet the ballooning demand for camping vacations following COVID. The solution supports up to 1,000 users with 50 Mbps service across the park. “This year we have noticed a big improvement in connection reliability, coverage throughout the park, and just speed in general, which in turn meant happier kids, which then equals happy parents!” said Scott Miles, a regular visitor at Pentewan Sands. Read the full case study here.

Education Campuses:

  • At Talladega College in Alabama, cnWave 60GHz links are being installed on the campus as back up to fiber links to reduce downtime. The network will be extended to connect additional buildings to the campus network as an alternative to aerial fiber. “The cnWave solution provides an innovative alternative to other connectivity options as well as flexibility for future options as requirements change,” said Phil Slaughter of EFP Broadband. “This deployment helps Talladega College improve network availability while minimizing disruption and aesthetics challenges installing on this historic campus. And wireless enables significant cost savings compared to trenching.”

Warehouse and Logistics:

  • Three of the top five warehouse operators in the USA optimize their operations with Cambium cnWave 60 GHz fixed wireless backhaul for their Wi-Fi networks. This flexible combination enables ubiquitous coverage across indoor and outdoor locations, including distribution warehouses, loading docks, parking lots, office spaces, and more.
  • Three of the top USA freight-rail transportation operators are improving safety and efficiency by equipping freight yards with outdoor Wi-Fi with a fixed wireless infrastructure from Cambium Networks. Read the full case study here.

Cambiums’ ONE Network portfolio brings together the full technology stack required to build complete networks to support these use cases, across both indoor and outdoor environments:

  • Management – cnMaestro™ provides a single source for provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting the entire network.
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi
    • XV2-2T0/1 outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points with high-efficiency antennas deliver service up to 1 km, saving significant cost by reducing equipment and installation requirements.
    • XE3-4TN outdoor Wi-Fi 6/6E access points have a tri-radio design for high performance and support 6 GHz using software-defined radios.
  • Fixed Wireless Infrastructure
    • Mesh, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint networks can be created with Cambium’s 60 GHz, 6 GHz, or 5 GHz fixed wireless solutions to deliver multi-Gbps backhaul and distribution for outdoor Wi-Fi networks at 20% or less of the cost and time of trenching fiber or cable networks.
  • Switching
    • cnMatrix EX-series indoor and ruggedized TX-series switching solutions include automated provisioning and policy enforcement that simplifies end-to-end network configuration and ongoing moves, adds, and changes.
  • Security
    • NSE 3000 Network Service Edge (NSE) technology delivers advanced SD-WAN, security, and network services for the network – all fully managed and controlled as part of a single framework.

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About Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks enables service providers, enterprises, industrial organizations, and governments to deliver exceptional digital experiences and device connectivity with compelling economics. Our ONE Network platform simplifies management of Cambium Networks’ wired and wireless broadband and network edge technologies. Our customers can focus more resources on managing their business rather than the network. We make connectivity that just works.

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