Export of Communications and Information Technology Services 2023 exhibition opens


The Libyan Export of Communications and Information Technology Services 2023 exhibition (ECITS) opened at Tripoli Sports City yesterday and runs until 22 February. The event was opened by Mohamed Al-Deeb, Director of the Libya Export Promotion Centre (LEPC), the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Free Zones Affairs, Nuri Gatati, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour, Ali Al-Hadi.

They were accompanied by Murad Ben Hussein, President, and Director General of Tunisian Export Promotion Centre (Centre de Promotion des Exportations de la Tunisie – CEPEX), Tunisia’s ambassador to Libya, Asaad Al-Ajili, the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Algerian Embassy in Libya, several specialists, owners and directors of the participating companies, and young programmers.

Aim of the event
The event aims to spread the culture of exporting communications and information technology services. It wants to introduce Libyan companies and competencies to other participants and visitors and explore the possibility of exporting their services abroad. The event also aims to keep those in the field abreast of the latest technologies and software used in the field of communications and encourage and help graduates who own projects to export their services to global markets.

In an exclusive interview with the Libya Herald, LEPC head Mohamed Al-Deeb, said that the organization of this exhibition encourages local companies specialized in information technology, software, data analysis and systems design. It helps them offer their services to a wide range of users and those looking for everything new in a world that innovates, renews, and produces.

Technologies and software are different from what came before, which facilitates the completion of various works with ease and safety at a time when speed has become the basis for doing any work.

H said the LEPC seeks to network between local information technology companies and individual programmers with companies specialized in the field of technology and programming in neighbouring countries, as well as international companies that seek to attract programmers from all over the world to cooperate with them in the software industries to sell them around the world.

Al-Deeb added that there are participations from emerging local companies in the field of programming and information technology, and a good presence of individual programmers and those interested in technology, which opens the way for everyone to get acquainted, conclude agreements, buy and sell software, and support and finance creative ideas in the field of communications and information technology.

For his part, the LEPC’s Director of the Media and Public Relations Office and Head of the Media Committee of the exhibition, Mohamed Al-Blaili, told the Libya Herald that this unique event in Libya comes with the participation of 33 Libyan companies, in addition to 12 companies from the Tunisian Export Promotion Centre and companies from Algeria, China and Jordan.

Side-line events on the sector
Al-Blaili noted that an economic forum will be organized during the days of the exhibition, interspersed with debate sessions, and working papers supervised by a selected scientific committee, with the aim of reaching outputs and recommendations that would support the export of communication services abroad.

Libyan-Tunisian cooperation for exports, re-exports and transit trade
For his part, the Director General of the Tunisian Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX), Murad Ben Hussein, said that the Tunisian partnership comes within the framework of a joint action plan between the CEPEX and LEPC to implement several exhibitions and economic activities in Tunisia, Libya and several African countries during the coming months to display Libyan and Tunisian products and an understanding to export it abroad in joint coordination between the economic actors in the two countries.

Ben Hussein added that the ECITS provides an important opportunity to learn about the capabilities of Libyan technology companies and programmers who have high efficiency and good ability to innovate and contribute to the development of this field and their enormous ability.


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