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Introduction of information technology:

The term Information Technology appeared for the first time in an article published in 1958 in its modern concept in the Harvard Business Review magazine. The term included processing techniques and the use of statistical methods and mathematics in advanced programming and simulation processes through computer programs. it also included the technology of distributing information on television and telephone sets. information technology is defined as the study of the design, development, activation, and support of Computer-Based Information Systems and their applications. In this article, we review the concept and disciplines of information technology, its importance, and its most prominent fields.

The concept of Information Technology:

The specialization of information technology is defined as the study of the design, development, activation, and support of Computer-Based Information Systems and their applications, where computers and software applications are used to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information securely, and those who study the specialization of Information Technology are called computer specialists, or information technology specialists.

At the moment, there is in every company a department specialized in information technologies, represented by networking and Software Technologies, known as the Information Technology Department, or the Information Systems Information systems Department, abbreviated IS or management information systems, abbreviated MIS.

The importance of Information Technology:

The importance of information technology comes from the urgent need for it in the era of technological development and speed, which requires ultra-fast, accurate, and reliable processing of information, and the importance of information technology is many of the following:

– Information technology carries out a lot of security measures for stored and transmitted information, where in some cases it converts data into very strong codes that are almost impossible to break, and here lies the importance of Information Technology in maintaining privacy even at the level of countries.

– Information technology has led to a radical change in the concept of cooperation and exchange between the parties of society, between companies and customers, and contributed to saving a lot of time in data processing, storage, and analysis, as some information technology devices are working to address some things that need thousands of years of human and manual work, in a few seconds, and give reliable and accurate results.

– The importance of Information Technology has manifested itself as a result of continuous development, and the emergence of a lot of pressure on countries to develop the concept of Information Technology, and the confidentiality of information they have, and by encrypting information, which was the beginning of the scientific renaissance in the field of Information Technology, and by identifying enemy locations and sabotaging their devices using viruses and special programs.

Types of Information Technology:

A 1958 article in the Harvard Business Review referred to information technology as consisting of three basic parts: computer data processing, decision support, and business software.

This period of time marks the beginning of it as an officially defined field of work, and for decades many companies have created so-called “it departments” to manage computer technologies related to their business.

Whatever these departments are, they are working on the actual definition of Information Technology, which has evolved over time. Today, Information Technology departments are manifested in areas such as computer technical support, Business computer network, and database management, Commercial software publishing, and Information security.

Information technology has also become associated with aspects of computing other than those owned by IT departments, especially during the boom of internet companies in the nineties. The broadest definition of Information Technology includes such areas as software development, Computer systems engineering, and Project management.

Information technology specialization subjects:

Specialization of information technology is a specialization that is interested in the study of computers and their use in storing, processing, transmitting, and referring to information when needed. The specialization of information technology is one of the specialties of computer engineering. the specialization of information technology expands to include all smart devices and tablets, including programming applications on them and developing them.

Information technology services are related to computers, the internet, electronics, communications devices, and the concept of electronic commerce. The development of Information Technology specialization has been sequenced into four stages: pre-mechanical, which began from BC until the fourteenth century, the mechanical stage which ended in the eighteenth century, then the electromechanical stage that extended until the nineteenth century, the last of which is the electronic stage that we are living now with its various developments. the specialization of information technology is widely welcomed by millions of people who study it around the world for its importance in our daily lives mainly and necessary.

Areas of Information Technology:

The specialization of Information Technology and bifurcation can be studied in its various fields as follows:

Some people who are interested in the field of Information Technology study databases, internet networks, and computer systems, some cannot foresee how difficult this field is and how it works with ease and smoothly with all its intricacies, they do not work under the spotlight to make sure the safety of all information systems.

Others who are interested in the field of Information Technology are studying the design of Information Systems and programming them according to the needs of the organization and its employees, analyzing the rules, data, networks, and Information Systems.

It is also possible to study the specialization of Information Technology in the field of developing technological devices, programs, and applications that work on them, in order to make information systems more powerful, secure, and reliable.

Some people who are interested in the field of Information Technology are also studying the development of the internet or the web and the design of various websites on the internet, in order to give websites the best image they can appear in a clear, simple, and effective way.

A conclusion about technology in our life:

There is no doubt that we are living tremendous development in the field of technology, and that technology has influenced our lives in a negative or positive way. The result is that it has affected the lifestyle we live and we have become very dependent on it. Man is still constantly evolving, technology will not stand up to a specific barrier or one field, but we still hear every day about discoveries and inventions made by scientists. Technology has expanded in various directions, and man has become using it at all times. It is no longer limited to work and in developed societies, but anyone, regardless of their cultural or social level, can use a cell phone, take pictures, and send and receive them.


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