National Bank of Canada FI Scales Back Stake in Information Technology Provider EPAM Systems


On April 13, 2023, National Bank of Canada FI revealed in its latest Securities & Exchange Commission filing that it has scaled back its stake in EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE:EPAM) by an astounding 79.1% during the fourth quarter. The institutional investor now owns just 1,906 shares of the information technology services provider’s stock, a significant reduction from the previously held 9,107 shares.

With this dramatic reduction in its holdings, National Bank of Canada FI’s share in EPAM Systems shrank from $3 million at the end of the third quarter to a mere $625,000 at the close of the last reporting period. While it is unclear what prompted this move by one of Canada’s largest banks, rumors are already circulating among industry experts and analysts about possible reasons behind this sudden sell-off.

Some sources speculate that National Bank of Canada FI could be looking to restructure its investment portfolio or reallocate assets more strategically. Others suggest that there may have been internal concerns within EPAM Systems regarding financial performance or strategic direction that led to concerns among investors.

Regardless of the reason, National Bank of Canada FI’s move underscores the continuing volatility and unpredictability present in today’s financial markets. Investors must remain vigilant and stay abreast of market trends and sentiment shifts if they hope to make informed decisions about their stock portfolios.

In conclusion, time will tell whether National Bank of Canada FI’s decision to sell off a large portion of its stake in EPAM Systems was prudent or premature. But one thing is certain – with constantly changing market conditions, anything can happen on Wall Street at any given moment – unexpected surprises are always around the corner. It is only by carefully monitoring each investment and staying ahead of emerging trends that investors can hope to achieve long-term success on today’s complex financial landscape.

EPAM Systems’ Attraction to Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors Continues

EPAM Systems Continues to Attract Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors

EPAM Systems, a leading global provider of software development and digital platform engineering services, has continued to attract hedge funds and institutional investors. According to the latest data, a number of other hedge funds have either added or reduced their stakes in the stock.

Brighton Jones LLC, for instance, grew its holdings in EPAM Systems by 3.6% during the third quarter. It now owns 942 shares of the stock valued at $341,000 after buying an additional 33 shares in the last quarter. Likewise, Utah Retirement Systems increased its holdings in shares of EPAM Systems by 0.4% during the same period. The firm now owns 9,827 shares of the IT services provider’s stock worth $3,559,000 after purchasing an additional 39 shares.

Connable Office Inc., Parkside Financial Bank & Trust and Semmax Financial Advisors Inc. also grew their respective holdings in EPAM Systems by varying percentages during different quarters.

As it stands now, hedge funds and other institutional investors own as much as 92.29% of the company’s stock.

Before investing in EPAM Systems Inc., however, potential investors will benefit from understanding important data about this player in tech services domain. For starters, its service offerings vary based on geography and it operates predominantly across North America, Europe and Russia. Secondly its operations have been running since around three decades ago when Leonid Lozner and Arkadiy Dobkin co-founded it back in mid-1990s.

At press time trading zone (Thursday), share prices opened at $289.99 with overall worth branded at a market capitalization of approximately $16.73 billion; meanwhile statistics reveal P/E ratio is portrayed as being at comfortable position i.e., within parameters sought on trading domains — at 40:96 PEG ratio stands around long-haul future benefits expected of the stock to depict, as 1:91 beta portrays numbers at a standardised level of 1.57, with quick and current ratios standing at 3:69 apiece showcasing impressive liquidity levels.

In conclusion, EPAM Systems remains an attractive tech investment option in today’s digital world with its extensive services offering instilling confidence among investors — accentuated by increasing takers for its company holdings, reassuring investors further.


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