Networking Tips for Co-op Students Attending TECHworking Night


TECHworking Night (taking place Thursday, December 1, 2022, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) is an opportunity for co-op students to network in person with some of Ottawa’s top tech employers. Taking place in Kanata’s tech park, this event is open to co-op students who are, or have been, enrolled in the COOP 1000 course and are interested in working in the local tech sector.

Here, Travis Flieler, External Relations and Employer Engagement Officer in the Co-op office, talks about what is in store for students at this event.

What are some of the highlights of TECHworking Night?

At this event, you will be able to connect directly with recruiting representatives from some of Carleton Co-op’s most loyal employers like Nokia, Ciena, Ross Video, Ericsson and more! These employers typically recruit students from our computer science, engineering and business information technology programs, but they do also hire student for roles in communications, HR, marketing and even finance. The unique aspect of this event is that you will be able to upload your resume to our digital resume book, which will be given to all participating employers after the event. Be sure to make a great impression and give your name when you meet people so it will be easy for these employers to find your resume post-event.

For anyone who has never attended an in-person networking evening, what should they expect?

You can expect this event to be fast paced, engaging, informative and even competitive! As there will be more students than there will be employer representatives, you might find it difficult to interject or get right in the middle of the conversation. In these situations, do not be afraid to stand by and listen in, as you may hear some answers to your own questions. Nevertheless, be patient and professional as you wait to introduce yourself to an employer of interest. Also, come prepared with your elevator pitch and ready to share your interests and goals. Worried you’ll have nothing to say? You can prevent this by doing your research in advance and coming prepared to discuss any news, updates or interesting information pertaining to the participating employers.

How should students prepare for this event?

Networking can be nerve-wracking and even uncomfortable. But it is important to remember that feeling nervous is totally normal! It is important to be yourself even if approaching someone randomly and sparking up a conversation at a networking event seems unnatural. We have all been there before, but this is why it is important to practice and prepare in advance. Have a friend who is attending the event with you? Practice sharing your elevator pitch with each other in advance of the event!

You will also want to dress to impress. This means no jeans, no sneakers and no hoodies. Your first impression will be a lasting one, so make sure you come looking your best. Be sure to be comfortable (you may be standing for a while) and professional.

If there are a few companies you are genuinely interested in working for, make sure you do your research on who they are and what they do. It’s also good to learn about their corporate culture to see if they align with your expectations.

Lastly, prepare some questions to ask! Are you curious about an employer’s work from home policy or about their work/life balance? Are you interested in learning how to turn your co-op position into full-time employment post-graduation? Are you wondering about specific projects you can expect to work on when employed as a co-op student? This is your opportunity to ask!

To learn more about TECHworking Night, check out the event post on mySuccess (by logging in to Carleton360).

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