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We are hiring for positions under the Global Health Training, Advisory, Support Contract (GHTASC) in support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Global Health (GH). These roles deliver institutional support services in a wide range of technical areas at the junior, mid-, senior, and expert levels.

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Credence Management Solutions is seeking a Senior Information Systems Advisor. See below for more information on this exciting opportunity and apply to join Credence today!

The Senior Information Systems Advisor (Senior Advisor) will provide expert advice, guidance and support on matters related to the strategic planning, development, procurement, use and management of information technology solutions to improve Bureau and overseas Mission operations and programming. The candidate will work closely within SAEO and P3 as well as directly advise Bureau Senior Leadership, Mission staff, and other GH offices. The Senior Advisor will need a broad set of technology disciplines including IT project management, strategic design, software and database engineering design and best practices, and cyber security, as well as an ability to understand how these disciplines relate to USAID’s Global Health Bureau goals and objectives. The candidate will receive day-to-day guidance from the SAEO Division Chief as his/her point of contact.


The Bureau for Global Health (GH) is the USAID/Washington operating unit charged with providing technical support to improve the health of people in the developing world by expanding health services, including family planning/reproductive health and maternal/child health; strengthening health systems; and addressing HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, avian influenza and other public health threats. GH’s primary role in the health program area is to strengthen field operations, promote research and technical innovation, and provide leadership and training.

Within GH, the Office of Program, Planning and Policy’s Division of Strategy, Analysis, Evaluation, and Outreach (SAEO), leads the Bureau review of strategic plans and coordinates their approval. Additionally, the Division liaises within the Agency and with the Department of State regarding Agency strategy, policy development and implementation. SAEO leads the Bureau in program planning and performance monitoring as well as facilitating cross-cutting issues such as supporting information technology solutions to support our Bureau’s work. The Division facilitates periodic data collection, conducts analyses and provides written inputs for annual reports and other Agency performance reporting requirements. This Division serves as the primary GH resource for USAID monitoring and evaluation policies and practices; oversees implementation of the Bureau monitoring and evaluation plan and analyzes and disseminates evaluation findings, conclusions, recommendations and best practices as appropriate. SAEO provides analyses for country and GH planning and portfolio reviews and supports planning efforts for the GH Bureau and in GH technical offices.


The Senior Information Systems Advisor will be responsible for the following areas and list of illustrative tasks:

Policy and Strategy

  • Serve as the lead advisor and coordinate the implementation of Agency policy and strategy related to business intelligence and IT solutions across the GH Bureau and support Missions’ implementation when applicable.
  • Support the Bureau’s Lead Data Steward in order to maintain compliance with Agency policy and Federal law.
  • Manage and facilitate a collaboration of Bureau-wide Data Stewards and recommend Bureau policies and procedures.
  • Directly advise Agency senior leadership in the planning, design and development of Agency policies that directly impact the work of GH Bureau and Missions, including advising them on how such policies might impact GH’s IT-related business processes.
  • Support Mission Health Offices in the development, planning and management of e-Health strategies.
  • Advise GH Bureau leadership and offices in the planning and design of IT strategic frameworks.
  • Act as an advisor for the GH Bureau in discussions directly related to Agency policy, with the aim that the development of Agency Policy reflects the needs of the GH Bureau.
  • Act as the Senior Advisor to Agency IT systems development projects, like the Development Information Solution, with the aim that GH needs are accounted for and reflected in Agency decisions.
  • Work as the GH Bureau’s liaison to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Liaison, coordinating in support of the GH Bureau in all discussions related to the CIO, both within the GH Bureau and across the Agency.

Technical Assistance

  • Review and provide recommendations on the applicability and feasibility of IT solutions to the work of GH.
  • Provide guidance on the current trends in the application of Informational and Communication Technology (ICT) in the global health industry, U.S. Government, and within the Agency.
  • Advise USAID Mission health offices to help plan procurements, manage contractors, support project management efforts, and advise on solution adoption.
  • Assist GH offices and Mission Health Offices in hiring IT technical expertise, including developing draft scopes of work, assisting with interviews, and evaluation of applicants.
  • Specific areas of technical assistance are incorporated throughout this duties and responsibilities section.

Information Systems

  • As GH’s IT Lead Advisor, provide technical expertise on the planning, design, procurement, and management of IT solutions for the Bureau’s portfolio management needs, including input to A/CORs on their implementing mechanisms and the Data Hub on its infrastructure needs.
  • Collaborate with the CIO’s office to perform business analysis necessary to inform the leadership of the feasible options.
  • Serve as a lead advisor for GH Data and any future GH mechanisms with a significant IT component. For GH Data, this includes managing buy-in requests and supporting offices and Missions throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Manage and update the GH Users Guide web system.


  • Support the Bureau’s ISSO (Information Systems Security Officer), a CIO-mandated position for all IT systems projects.
  • Assist GH in navigating the CIO FITARA requirements for project approval, including with the Authority to Operate (ATO) process.
  • Coordinate in support of GH on intra Agency working groups on the topic of cybersecurity and its impact on Agency and Mission IT planning.
  • Work directly with Mission health offices to plan IT cyber security best practices and implementation of cybersecurity frameworks in IT projects.


  • Master’s degree and 10 years relevant experience, degree preferred in Business Administration (MBA, MS) or Public Policy (MPP) with a focus on Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence or related field.
  • Extensive professional experience in Business Intelligence or related field with at least 3 years in an international or resource challenged setting. Familiarity with international health programming.
  • Working with the federal government and familiarity with federal rules and regulations related to IT preferred. Well-versed with the IT development life cycle and the associated critical success factors and risks.
  • Project management and strategy development experience preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills required.
  • Working knowledge of the business intelligence capabilities, the necessary IT architecture, and the latest technology tools and services (Tableau, Microstrategy, Salesforce, etc.).
  • US citizenship or permanent residency with the ability to obtain and maintain Facility Access required.
  • International and domestic travel approximately 10%.

Competencies/Performance Criterion

  • Innovation: Employee takes initiative to propose new ideas/approaches, and demonstrates ability to find new and better ways to accomplish work.
  • Customer Service: Handles customer questions and complaints, communicates with customers, handles service problems politely and efficiently, always available for customers, follows procedure to solve customer problems, understands company products and services, maintains pleasant and professional image.
  • Accountability: Takes ownership of work responsibilities and holds high standards. Keeps commitments and takes appropriate actions to ensure obligations are met. Pursues efficiency and effectiveness and adheres to Organization policies and procedures.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Employee demonstrates ability to work in cooperation with others and communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, clients and other outside contacts.
  • Continual Learning: Assesses and recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues professional development that is aligned with organizational role, contribution, and goals. Proactively shares knowledge with others to foster learning across the Organization.

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