Terms of Reference for procuring a Human Resource Information Management system on behalf of a partner organization – occupied Palestinian territory


Terms of Reference for procuring a Human Resource Information Management system on behalf of a partner organization


General Background

Oxfam is an international confederation counting 19 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Oxfam has been working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel (OPTI) since the 1950s, a country office was established in Jerusalem in the 1980s. Oxfam mainly works in the most vulnerable communities, in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C.

Project Background

Naseej is a regional project that connects women’s voices and actions to end violence against women in the MENA region. The project will tackle Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in conflict and occupation affected areas, by channelling financial support to women rights and civil society organizations (WROs, CSOs, and CBOs) to prevent and respond to SGBV. This will be done in parallel with technical and capacity-building support to strengthen capacities in these organizations to support their work. in conflict and occupation-affected areas.

The Project targets the 3 fragile and conflict-affected countries of Yemen, Iraq, and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT – West Bank, in particular, Area C, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip).

The project’s overall objective/Impact is to contribute to more gender-equitable societies in Iraq, Yemen, and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) in which women and girls live free from violence across all spheres of life. The Specific objective of the project is to support women’s rights civil society organizations (WROs) in the target countries to effectively prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during conflict

The Intermediate Outcomes of the project are: 1) partner WROs show improved organizational capacity to function more independently and effectively to deliver prevention, response, and advocacy programmes/initiatives on ending SGBV, 2) SGBV is less socially acceptable in targeted communities, including among men and boys, and 3) Oxfam and WRO partners more effectively influence national and

international policy and decision makers on SGBV policy and legislation and international humanitarian law (IHL) obligation

Description and Objective of Assignment:

Oxfam seeks to procure a human Resource (information) information management system for one of its partner organizations, the partner organization is a mid-size organization (20-50 Employee). The HR system will help the organization move towards automating the HR functions and will enhance its efficiency in managing its human capital. This is through collecting, processing, storing and disseminating information about employees in the partner organization. The system will also help the employees be remotely connected to the organization no matter their location.

System Technical Specification:

The system should have the following specifications**:**

  • General features:
  • The system should be user-Friendly
  • The system should support Arabic and English language
  • The system should be suitable for a mid-Size non-profit organization
  • The system has the option to be accessible via mobile
  • The system should be able to show the organizational chart
  • The system should have different levels of authority between managers and staff
  • The system should be able to interact and compatible with the partner’s website
  • The system should provide notifications /reminders: such as contract updates, and updated planned vacations.
  • The system should have the option to add unlimited numbers of projects, and project numbers and to enter each employee’s monthly allocation on the system. This option must be added by the HR officer
  • The employee profile which includes name, position, pictures, address phone numbers, personal email and emergency contact, marital status, etc.
  • General information, hiring date, type of contract, etc.
  • Education, training courses, etc.
  • Financial information including basic salary, grade and step, allowances, annual increments
  • Attachments: Classified and titled attachments are solid pluses
  • Advance payment request
  • Advance payment balance
  • Attendance machine, timesheets, and leaves:
  • The system should be linked to the attendance machine and be able to generate reports from it,
  • The system should be able to submit leaves and get approvals from the related manager and staff/managers to monitor their leaves balances
  • The system should be able to give access to managers to see all their supervisee leaves on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis
  • The system should be able to submit leaves and get approvals from the related manager and staff/managers to monitor their leaves balances
  • The system should allow the option to get approvals for overtime and after getting the approval it can be reported to the system.
  • Employee evaluation and appraisals:
  • The system should be able to give the manager and the employee the option to evaluate themselves and the manager to evaluate their employees and the right approval flow for the process should be followed electronically
  • The system should give the option for the employee to put their goals and objectives for the new coming year.
  • Training and capacity development :

The system should be able to provide to the following options.

  • The capacity-building history of the employees
  • The career development history
  • The target of the administration regarding the succession plan and the career path
  • The system in this module should identify the capacity-building gaps based on the target of the career path and the current status
  • The system in this module should allow the documentation of any commitments and obligations related to the training and capacity development
  • Recruitment :
  • The system should be able to have a platform for the new job vacancies to be published and the interested candidates (internally and externally) to have the option to apply via the system.
  • The system should give the ability to give the HR officer to filter the long candidates list and to also filter the short list
  • The system should have the ability to invite the selected candidate to send emails to invite for interviews and written tests.
  • The system should have the ability to send the rejection letter for the rejected candidates under different scenarios (after the short list, after the interview, after the tests etc ….)
  • The system should give the option to send offers to the selected candidate and if the selected candidate accepted the offer the system should give the option to open a profile for the employee once hired.
  • Reports:
  • The system should be able to generate reports based on gender, geography, age, and education
  • The system should be producing reports about leaves, future leaves, etc. on overall level and staff level
  • The system should give the option to extract the reports in excel formal and the forms in word format for certain reports as to maintain the transparency and the information confidentiality.
  • Supplier obligations:

The supplier/system should meet the following:

  • The system should be compatible with Microsoft and MS SQL server
  • The system should be installed and operating no later than 30.12.2022
  • The supplier should be able to customize the system according to the partner’s needs no later than 15.01.2023
  • The testing period for the system with addressing all the partner’s comments/adjustments should be done no later than 30.01.2023
  • Commitment to provide all the necessary free technical support work for the system in accordance with the conditions and specifications agreed upon for a full calendar year starting from the date of completion of the supplier of the installation and operation of the system.
  • The supplier undertakes to provide the appropriate and specialized staff to carry out the tasks required for the system, by bringing all the equipment devices or any other things needed by the second team to accomplish its tasks/obligations agreed upon with the association.
  • Supplier is obliged to use legal software/systems/licenses owned by him and/or authorized to use, sell and/or permit its use, and its use does not constitute a legal violation or infringement of intellectual property rights, trademark, industrial rights and/or literary rights owned by third parties. The supplier acknowledges that it assumes the legal liability unit otherwise and without any liability on the enterprise.
  • The supplier takes full responsibility to carry out his work in a proper manner, which is to achieve the best result.
  • The second team is committed to doing what’s necessary to avoid any delay and/or disruption for the purposes of carrying out the tasks required to be done.
  • The supplier is committed to training the relevant employees of the Human Resources and Information Technology Department in groups or individuals about all the system components and features.
  • The supplier is obliged to upload the opening data of the employees, after receiving the required employee data from the organization on the file (EXCEL).
  • The supplier should be responsible for carrying out the partner organization’s employees on the program a competitive training process is a plus.

If the basic version provides these options/Modules would be a plus :

  • Complaints and whistleblowing modules
  • The module should support complaints and whistleblowing in two different channels linked to the head of administration and the board of directors consecutively.
  • Archiving module

The module should support at least the following functions.

  • Archiving the working manuals
  • Archiving the working forms under titled and classified categories
  • Archiving the internal bylaws and policies
  • The system should support the archiving of ratifications, elections of the board and all related documents
  • Meetings Module

The module should support the following functions.

  • The system should generate invitations and reminders for the staff member meetings, senior management meeting, board meetings and general assembly meeting
  • The module should support archiving the decisions of each meeting under specific sub-categories and titles
  • The module should support holding reports of the history of the decisions
  • The module should support archiving the meeting minutes
  • The module should support announcement and circulations of instructions

How to apply

Interested companies are invited to submit a technical and financial offer that includes the following:

  • Cover letter of no more than 2 pages introducing the company portfolio, previous clients who have installed and used the system
  • Technical proposal for the system specifications and any related technical features that should be mentioned in the offer,
  • The financial offer should include the pricing of each system feature/Specification along with detailing all expenses related to supply and installation fees and any other expenses, in addition to the periodic maintenance fee, annual training in the use of the program, and the provision of logistical and technical support and office visits necessary to the Human Resources Department, considering that Oxfam is not obligated to award the full HR system at once to the selected company, and Oxfam has the right to award only part of the system based on the timeline and budget proposals.
  • All documents should be submitted in English, with a copy of the registration certificate and a copy of a valid deduction at the source
  • All price offers should be submitted excluding VAT
  • Period of validity: the technical and financial offers shall be valid for a period of a maximum of 60 days, starting from the submission date. The financial offer should be submitted in Euro and excluding VAT.
  • Please submit the technical and financial offer with all requested documents by email by 06.11.2022 to [email protected]

The highest scores for the selected suppliers will be asked to represent a small presentation for the system and the system features.


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