The European cities with the highest salaries for software developers


Becoming a software developer is a clever choice for anyone wanting to progress within the tech industry — you can work across varied industries from fashion to finance, analyse and solve complex issues, and have a genuine impact on user experience.

Given that software development is necessary across so many sectors, the role also offers the chance to travel and test out the work environment across Europe.

Software developers even come out on top of the list of the 10 most frequent occupations sought in online job advertisements according to Eurostat.

But where in Europe can you find the most competitive salaries in the software development field?

Top software developer salaries

Software developers earn the most in Switzerland (€89,998), Denmark (€78,516), and Iceland (€62,536) when you take into consideration net income, Euronews Business recently found.

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It also discovered that another competitive place is Estonia (€56,451). Home to a whopping nine unicorn companies including — Skype and Wise — Estonia is particularly strong in the fintech arena, with hundreds of startups. It makes sense then that software developers would be in demand in this country, in particular its capital Tallinn.

Other European cities that offer high wages for software developers include Berlin, which is one of Europe’s top tech hubs and offers much to workers in terms of an affordable cost of living and a great cultural scene. Median wages for software developers here are €86,380 according to Levels, going up or down depending on your experience.

Major tech companies including Hubspot, Google, and Stripe all have offices in Berlin, meaning ample opportunities for new roles. Eberlein Kunz is currently seeking a Senior Python Developer for its Berlin office, at a €70,000–€85,000 yearly salary.

Over in Switzerland, both Geneva and Zurich are great places to base yourself as a software developer. But unlike Berlin, the country’s cost of living is a lot higher, so salaries — which according to Levels work out at a median of €143,009 — have to be balanced against this.

Meanwhile, software developer salaries in Paris average at €61,000. It’s also a key city if you’re looking to move into AI, with AI hubs, R&D labs, and major AI-focused events all exploring the opportunities in this fast-growing arena.

Right now, Octopus Energy Group is looking to hire a Python Backend Developer for its Kraken technologies branch in Paris.

Meta and Apple are among the many tech companies based in London, which is one of Europe’s biggest cities for tech and host to high-profile events, like London Tech Week. The UK became the third country in the world to have a tech sector valued at $1 trillion in 2022, with the government pledging to invest further in this thriving area.

According to Indeed, the average software developer salary in London is just under £58,000. Noir Consulting is seeking a .NET Developer to work in London, with an annual salary of £80,000 to £100,000 a year. And to underscore London’s buzzing tech scene, the company says it’s currently going through a period of “explosive growth.”

Since the noughties, Dublin has cemented its reputation as a great base for tech companies, with a young and skilled workforce and an attractive cultural life for those who decide to move to the city. Software developer salaries in Dublin average €57,000, according to Indeed.

Companies like Workday, Microsoft, Salesforce, and IBM have large offices in the Irish capital. In fact, IBM is currently looking for a software developer to work at its Dublin office.


Software developers will all have their preferred programming language, with the nine top-paid programming languages at the moment being Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, C++, SQL, Rust, Scala, and Elixir, according to Indeed.

But Python is seeing a particular boost, coming just behind Java in Stack Overflow’s 2023 developer survey.

Some software developers are moving towards more niche or specialist languages to increase their value. Take the newer language .NET Maui, which is a cross-platform framework for creative mobile and desktop apps.

You don’t have to be an expert in these languages to get a job working with them. In Dublin, Morgan McKinley is looking for a software developer who has either hands-on experience with .NET Maui or is looking to pursue working with it.

Whether you’re looking to specialise or get a more general sense of what software development has to offer across Europe, knowing the best cities to target in terms of salary is key to making the right decision.

The roles are out there — and with the demand for software on the rise across Europe, they’ll only continue to grow.

AI might be creeping in as a challenge but there are still ways to boost your salary as a software developer.

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