AI, BI and Big Data

TechTarget Business Analytics is a source for content to help analytics readers accelerate business planning, forecasting and visibility. We support these professionals in their efforts to create a more data-driven culture throughout their organizations. The audience is broad, comprising business intelligence leaders, CIOs, business analysts, architects, data scientists, statisticians and data analytics professionals.

TechTarget Data Management guides data management professionals and business intelligence leaders to process relevant data more efficiently, select a compliant governance strategy, ensure data quality/trustworthiness and streamline techniques and practices that enable informed, knowledgeable business decisions. Core topics include data integration, data governance, data warehousing, database management and data management strategies.

TechTarget Data Science Central is a community-generated site covering data science topics for data practitioners including statistics, analytics, blockchain, machine learning, AI and quantum, among other topics.

TechTarget Enterprise AI
educates readers on developments in and practical value of the many-faceted artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) area. Core topics include AI infrastructure and business strategy, specific AI tools and platforms, plus enterprise applications of AI in different industries. This site targets diverse roles and functions, from executives to project managers, product managers to developers and AI/ML engineers.

TechTarget Search SAP is the SAP community’s resource for news and expert advice on SAP data management, the company’s ERP software and modules, and tips for migrating to the cloud. It covers SAP HANA as well as SAP development tools. The audience includes SAP users and administrators, as well as decision-makers who may work on projects such as cloud migration. Line-of-business readers in financial and production roles may also be interested in SAP site content. 

Application Development

TechTarget App Architecture publishes content that examines the structure and design of applications. Key topics include API design and management, programming languages and microservices. Articles are written with software architects in mind with relevance that extends to developers, dev team leads, DevOps managers, CIOs, software engineers and IT infrastructure managers.

TechTarget Software Quality provides software testers and developers with advice on how to create, design and test critical applications. Core topics include software test techniques, software development lifecycle issues and Agile and DevOps methods for development.

TechTarget TheServerSide looks at the many facets of software development, with an emphasis on Java and Git topics. This site’s membership includes large numbers of programmers, developers, DevOps managers and others interested in how applications are designed and created.

Business Applications

TechTarget Content Management provides online content managers, digital media marketing specialists and others with a wide range of resources to help their organizations collaborate more effectively and manage and maintain their digital content. Key topics include content collaboration, content management software and services, enterprise search platforms and strategy, information management and governance, and knowledge management.

TechTarget ERP equips IT leaders with the information they need to make ERP purchasing decisions and successfully manage their supply chain and company finances. Core topics include ERP administration, ERP selection and implementation, ERP products and vendors, supply chain and manufacturing needs. The audience comprises supply chain leaders, CFOs, CIOs, IT leaders, ERP buyers and line-of-business leaders.

TechTarget HR Software helps human resources and IT leaders understand the ways in which systems and software support HR strategies. Topics include HR technology, talent management, HR’s role in employee experience, DEI, sustainability, tackling remote work and HR challenges in an environment of ongoing disruption.

TechTarget Search Oracle offers information and tips for the Oracle community on all issues relating to the selection, management, deployment, administration, support and security of Oracle products. It includes technical tips and best practices for Oracle DBAs and developers. Core topics include Oracle database administration, application management, business intelligence and integrations. For Oracle programmers, coders and developers, there is information on the various development languages used with Oracle databases and Oracle applications.

CIO and IT Strategy

TechTarget CIO offers insight and advice to top managers on leadership, business and tech strategies. Core topics include apps, infrastructure and operations; CIO-relevant strategy; digital transformation; and risk management and governance. Our audience comprises chief information officers, chief technological officers, chief digital officers and executive-level technology decision-makers.

Cloud Infrastructure and IT Operations

TechTarget Cloud Computing focuses primarily on enterprise IT infrastructure hosted on public cloud platforms. The site’s coverage includes topics such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms, advice for application cloud migration and cloud cost management. Articles are geared towards cloud administrators, cloud architects, enterprise architects, cloud/infrastructure engineers as well as a variety of IT professionals and managers tasked with overseeing cloud initiatives.

TechTarget IT Operations publishes technical content for a diverse audience comprising IT automation specialists, tech support and incident resolution teams, IT architects, DevOps admins, SREs, infrastructure managers, and others. Core subject areas include containerization technology and management—in particular, Kubernetes’ expansive and microservices, DevOps methodology, infrastructure automation and orchestration, help desk technologies and management, the new wave of systems management, and professional and organizational development.

TechTarget Search AWS publishes business news about Amazon Web Services, as well as practical advice covering the wide array of software and services the company offers. The site provides independent insight for IT and business readers looking to learn more about the cloud giant as well as how its software and services fit into an enterprise IT strategy. 

Customer Experience

TechTarget Customer Experience provides resources to help readers establish their CX technology strategy, foster brand loyalty, deliver a more personalized customer experience, generate quality leads, incorporate AI, enhance sales through digital channels, measure call center metrics, refine data, and improve e-commerce. Core topics include CRM tools and strategy, customer data management, customer experience management, customer service and contact center, e-commerce, and marketing and sales.

Data Center and Virtualization

TechTarget Data Center covers a variety of topics focusing on on-premises infrastructure design and management, including systems management and administration, data center, software-defined data centers, data center operating systems and data center design and hardware/software strategy for data center managers, facilities managers, infrastructure architects, system administrators and IT generalists.

TechTarget Search VMware publishes tips, technical tutorials and IT strategy articles covering the variety of software and services offered by VMware. Systems administrators, cloud architects and IT managers can find practical advice for deploying and optimizing software such as VMware ESXi, vSphere, NSX, Horizon, vSAN and Tanzu. The site also provides in-depth coverage of VMware’s annual user conference.

TechTarget Search Windows Server supports the needs of Windows administrators and related personas by covering PowerShell, Microsoft cloud computing and hybrid services as well as messaging and collaboration, Windows Server OS and management, IT operations and infrastructure management and Microsoft identity and access management topics.

TechTarget Sustainability and ESG covers environmental sustainability, social impact issues and governance in relation to enterprise technology. The audience includes IT leaders and administrators, business and compliance leaders, and other stakeholders who need information about how sustainability fits into their IT and business decision-making and operations. The site serves as a resource for both learning about ESG and executing on sustainability initiatives. Core topics cover how to green IT practices and improve sustainability in many topic areas, including but not limited to cloud computing, data center/infrastructure, AI, data management, hardware/equipment and software, networking, software development and supply chain management. It also explores how ESG initiatives inform both the customer experience and employee experience.

Data Protection and Storage

TechTarget Data Backup provides backup administrators and other IT professionals with expert advice on how to back up and protect data.Other core topics include data protection, data reduction, and specific backup technologies.

TechTarget Disaster Recovery provides information on planning disaster recovery, maintaining business continuity and achieving IT resilience, as well as DR facilities and operations. The audience comprises BCDR/resilience personnel, system admins (security, telecoms, storage), consultants, research and development personnel.

TechTarget Storage covers cloud storage, flash memory and storage, primary storage devices, storage architecture and strategy, storage system and application software, and storage management and analytics for storage administrators, infrastructure architects and IT generalists. 


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