OpenAI recently announced a revolutionary feature called GPTs. The concept of GPTs is very simple to explain: GPTs mean you can create a custom version of ChatGPT by combining instructions, extra knowledge on the subject matter, and some skills. Basically, GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that specialize in a specific subject matter, which could be writing, productivity, research & analysis, education, lifestyle, and more. You may see a trend: a GPT specializes in a specific task to help you with your daily life, work, or at home.

Unlike traditional Apple App Store or Google Play Store applications, anyone can build a GPT as you do not require any coding skills. You can start creating a GPT today, and all you need to do is start a conversation, give instructions and extra knowledge, and give it a specialized duty, which could be anything from web searches to data analysis and generating AI images to coding, and much more. Previously, accessing GPTs was a premium feature, and only those subscribed to ChatGPT Plus could access custom GPTs.

However, since the launch of GPT-4o, anyone with an internet connection and a ChatGPT account can use and access GPTs. GPTs have been a game-changer for many, including software developers and programmers. Yes! Custom GPTs are available to help developers write codes, debug coding errors, test codes, and learn more. There are many GPTs dedicated to programming, so we curated the 10 best for you, from GPTs that will help you code more efficiently to GPTs that could help you generate a whole website, from GPT for Python to GPT for SQL and more.

Code Copilot:

Code Copilot is the number 1 GPT for programming. Code Copilot can help you code far more smartly and even build faster than previously could. Code Copilot alone has the expertise of 10 programmers and is an essential tool to have by your side. Code Copilot can help you in code interpretation and data analysis, retrieving or being able to take actions outside of ChatGPT, and browsing. 


Python coding languages is one of the world’s most popular coding languages, if not the most popular. The Python GPT is rightly one of the most popular GPTs. It is very refined and has been customized specifically for Python programmers and optimized for GPT-4o. The main capabilities of Python GPT are that it can be used as a code interpreter and data analysis tool. 


Do you believe in wizards and witches? If you don’t, then you will with Grimoire. Grimoire is a coding wizard and programming copilot that can help you build faster with 20+ Hotkeys for coding flows. With Grimoire’s help, you can create anything or choose from a start project and publish it directly using Replit or Netlify. Grimoire can also help you retrieve or take actions outside ChatGPT, browsing, code interpreter & data analysis. However, it can also have Dall-E image generation capabilities.

Website Generator:

As we said in the introduction, you can even generate websites using GPTs, so the Website Generator GPT is the first choice in the GPT store. Website Generator GPT can help you design, code, and create websites. It also provides copywriting facilities and integrates DALL-E 3 technology. The Website Generator GPT is powered by B12, an AI website-building tool.

Code Guru:

In Hindi, a guru is a teacher. A Code Guru could also be a coding teacher who can review your code, write pull requests, create and optimize functions, and write tests and comments on existing code. Code Guru GPT can do what most other GPTs in the field can do, whether retrieving or taking actions outside ChatGPT, using a code interpreter, performing analysis, and more.

Website Instantly [Multipage]:

Website Instantly [Multipage] GPT is another GPT that can create multipage websites. The website creation process has been simplified while delivering professional-looking and well-optimized websites. These websites are good enough or perfect for 98% of start-ups and small businesses needing a website. 

SQL Expert:

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is another well-known programming language used to perform database operations. SQL Expert GPT is an SQL expert used for optimization and queries. SQL Expert can help you with browsing, code interpretation, and data analysis, helping you become an SQL expert yourself. 

Software Architect GPT:

Software Architect GPT is a code interpretation and data analysis tool for modern software engineers who understand user requirements and design constraints and want to build innovative software architecture documents. Companies often forget to involve or understand what their users want, so using GPT, which can help you understand user requirements and constraints, is a game-changer. 


DesignerGPT can not only create but also host websites. You can create a website using DesignerGPT, refine and personalize it further on Replit, and get your own personal website domain. DesignerGPT also integrates Dall-E into website creation, giving your website best-in-class design and images. DesignerGPT is your all-in-one AI web development solution. 

AskTheCode – Git Companion:

You may know about GitHub, as it is one of the most important spaces for developers and software engineers and has over 100 million users. AskTheCode GPT is your GitHub companion that helps you by providing you with a GitHub repository URL and allowing you to ask any question about the aspect of the code. Even though ChatGPT may not be perfect at coding with custom GPTs, you can certainly get tremendous help.

In Conclusion:

These GPTs can change software development by providing powerful tools for coding, website generation, SQL operations, and more. With the start of the GPT-4o era, these custom GPTs are now accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a ChatGPT account, making them invaluable resources for developers of all skill levels. Whether you need assistance with code interpretation, data analysis, website creation, or SQL queries, the wide range of GPTs are available to support you in your software development journey.

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