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cybersecurity jobs July 2024


Atera | Israel | On-site – View job details

The CISO will oversee our company’s information, cyber, and technology security and will have end to end full responsibility developing, implementing, and enforcing security policies, procedures, and protocols to protect critical data.

Cyber Defense Specialist

Explora Journeys | Italy | On-site – View job details

As a Cyber Defense Specialist, you will operate and optimize security tooling/products, including security email gateway, firewall, IDS/IPS, web security gateway, emergency detect and response, logging and auditing, event and incident management, privileged access management and authentication. Update documentation and maintain security controls and tools as needed. Analyze and respond to previously undisclosed software and hardware vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Engineer- AWS- SIEM-IDS/IPS

Extreme Networks | India | Hybrid – View job details

As a Cloud Security Engineer- AWS- SIEM-IDS/IPS, you will review security alerts and events to identify potential security incidents. Investigate and analyze security incidents to determine the root cause. Develop and maintain security monitoring and detection systems. Implement security controls, policies, and procedures to protect against threats and vulnerabilities. Conduct security assessments and penetration testing to identify and address security weaknesses.

Deputy CISO

Department of Transport and Main Roads | Australia | On-site – View job details

The Deputy CISO will manage a team of subject matter experts in the delivery of the Queensland Government Cyber Security strategy and its program of work, with an emphasis on many facets including improving governance, assurance, and capability. You will also support the response to significant cyber incidents impacting the government or the state.

Head of Cyber Security

Hypersphere Ventures | USA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

As a Head of Cyber Security, you will develop and administer security processes and procedures for interacting with the blockchain (CeFi, Defi, custodial wallets). Define and refine policy and procedures around blockchain security such as key or wallet management specifically in compliance with local regulations and best practices. Ensure compliance of the policy and processes on various teams. Develop and manage incident response on the Firm’s blockchain stacks.

Incident Detection and Response Lead

Trane Technologies | USA | Remote – View job details

As an Incident Detection and Response Lead, you will monitor and analyze security alerts and events to identify potential threats. Quickly assess and prioritize threats, escalate critical incidents, and drive timely and effective incident resolution. Conduct in-depth analysis of security incidents, identifying root causes, trends, and patterns and proactively develop recommendations to mitigate future risks. Take ownership of cyber security incidents in both IT and OT environments, lead the response efforts, and coordinate activities with cross-functional teams.

Information Security Officer

DP World | UAE | On-site – View job details

As an Information Security Officer, you will establish and maintain data classification policies and standards based on sensitivity and regulatory requirements. Define criteria and guidelines for labeling data according to its level of sensitivity. Ensure adherence to data classification policies across the organization. Monitor and enforce compliance with data handling procedures related to classified information. Conduct regular assessments to verify compliance with data classification standards.

Lead Security Analyst – SIEM

OpenText | Canada | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As a Lead Security Analyst, you will maintain SIEM infrastructure for high availability and performance; ensure compliance with policies and standards, collaborate with teams and third parties to enhance SIEM security posture. Serve as SME for SIEM within Security Operations and Global Information Security. Continuously review and improve SIEM tools security posture; develop and maintain documentation. Monitor, troubleshoot, and tune SIEM tools; develop correlation rules for improved threat detection accuracy.

Operational Technology Security Expert

Covestro | Germany | On-site – View job details

As an Operational Technology Security Expert, you will be responsible for implementation of OT Security standards at small sites, system houses and downstream businesses where the Local OT Security officer is not a DCS or Cybersecurity Expert and hereby improving Covestro’s robustness against attacks. Do the Consulting for local PCT on IT related technical issues on security aspects of process automation systems (e.g. domains, network segmentation, ICS upgrade, time synchronization, license management, firewalls, patching, server hardening, SIEM, PAM, remote access, network monitoring, etc.). Oversee the IT/OT security risk situation at assigned sides and overview remediation measures.

Penetration Tester

Astra Financial | Indonesia | On-site – View job details

As a Penetration Tester, you will scope, plan and run white and grey box penetration tests against identified systems, using professional penetration testing tools. Provide periodic penetration testing and professional analysis of Mobile App and APIs in Microservices Environment. Assist to design log aggregation pattern and criteria using ELK or Splunk Core, for easier threat findings. Analyze and triage information security incident using existing Service Level management flow.

Principal Associate, Cyber Threat Hunter

Capital One | USA | On-site – View job details

As a Principal Associate, Cyber Threat Hunter, you will conduct threat hunting operations in Capital One’s most complex and critical environments. Analyze log data to detect active threats within the network using knowledge of the current threat landscape, threat actor techniques, and the internal network. Perform advanced threat research to proactively identify potential threat vectors and work with engineering and security teams to improve prevention and detection methods.

Security Architect

ION | Italy | Hybrid – View job details

As a Security Architect, you will plan, research, and design security architectures. Develop, review, and approve the installation requirements for LANs, WANs, VPNs, routers, firewalls, and related network device. Research and design public key infrastructures, certification authorities, and digital signatures, and ensure all personnel have IT access limited to their need and role in the organization. Test/Validate the final security system and update and upgrade it as needed.

Security Operations Engineer

DEFEND | New Zealand | Hybrid – View job details

As a Security Operations Engineer, you will lead the response for security incidents, including in-depth analysis and managing the entire incident lifecycle from detection to resolution and root cause analysis. Provide expert analysis and interpretation of complex security events and alerts. Perform threat hunting activities and remediate customer requirements. Conduct post-incident reviews to identify lessons learned and recommend improvements.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Leeward Renewable Energy | USA | Hybrid – View job details

As a Senior Cyber Security Engineer, you will Design and implement robust security architectures and frameworks to protect LRE’s IT and OT (Operational Technology) environments. Develop and enforce security policies, standards, and best practices across the organization. Conduct threat modeling and risk assessments to identify potential security weaknesses and recommend mitigation strategies. Lead incident response activities, including detection, investigation, containment, mitigation, eradication, and recovery.

Senior Cyber Warfare Threat Analyst

Noetic Strategies | USA | On-site – View job details

As a Senior Cyber Warfare Threat Analyst, you will Conduct intelligence analysis to produce response products that answer DOT&E information requirements. Provide subject matter expertise, intelligence, and analytical support to DOT&E Air, Land and Expeditionary, Naval, Net-Centric, Space, and Missile Defense Warfare Deputies and Action Officers. Define test concept and test equipment threat requirements for testing operation of U. S. weapon systems in the presence of current and emerging threats. Determine cyber threat resource requirements, availability, adequacy, and define gap between cyber threat emulation capability and the actual threat

Senior Security Architect II

Electronic Arts | Canada | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As a >Senior Security Architect II, you will lead complex design assessments on EA user generated experience (UGX) products hosted in the Cloud and running on PC, web, mobile, and consoles, identifying and driving the remediation of security and gameplay integrity issues. Develop a broad and deep technical understanding of EA’s UGX related products, services and architectures, using that understanding to guide your reviews and recommendations. Translate security and gameplay integrity design principles into requirements that can be understood and repeatedly applied by partner development teams.

Senior Technical Cybersecurity Consultant

BH Consulting | Ireland | Hybrid/Remote – View job details

As a Senior Technical Cybersecurity Consultant, you will be responsible for day-to-day tasks such as providing cybersecurity expertise, conducting penetration tests, and ensuring the security of applications and networks. Responsibilities include: managing the delivery of technical security assurance testing to our clients, from initial project scoping, test execution and reporting; Delivering cybersecurity testing services, such as but not limited to penetration testing services (including web App, Mobile App, and network), vulnerability assessments, phishing campaigns, and red teaming exercises; Undertaking security assessments of technical Infrastructure including, for example: M365, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, backups, Networks.

Senior Threat Detection and Validation Engineer

dunnhumby | United Kingdom | Hybrid – View job details

As a Senior Threat Detection and Validation Engineer, you will develop and maintain testing and simulation frameworks to ensure the continued effectiveness of the organization’s security controls. Conduct security investigations and threat hunting activities to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Conduct periodic validation testing to validate the effectiveness or identify security gaps and vulnerabilities in the organization’s security controls.

Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer – IAM

Visa | India | On-site – View job details

As a Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer – IAM, you will perform maintenance and implementation of various enterprise Identity and Access Management components like Sailpoint, ForgeRock. Deploy and maintain Windows & Linux servers infrastructure hosting Visa system administrators for their day-to-day operational activities. Develop and deploy Windows user applications using PowerShell scripting. Perform service recovery including analysis, documentation, recommendations, and remediation of IAM related incidents.

Threat Hunter

WithSecure | Poland | On-site – View job details

As a Threat Hunter, you will investigate host, network and log-based security events. Manage incidents from detection to resolution (Yes! You will be tasked to respond to threat as well). Research new attack techniques to uncover innovative detection capabilities. Gain hands-on experience of automated and manual malware analysis (static and dynamic) and of network, memory and host forensics.


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