Qyrus Unveils AI-Infused Testing Platform Designed for the Future of Software Development

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Qyrus’ AI-infused testing platform for today and tomorrow.

Our testing platform goes beyond traditional ‘expected vs. actual’ result comparisons, offering a flexible, intelligent approach that can handle the unpredictable nature of AI-powered features.”

— Ameet Deshpande, Vice-President of Product Engineering, Qyrus

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Qyrus, a pioneer in software testing solutions, is proud to present its groundbreaking AI-infused testing platform, designed to meet the challenges of both current and future AI-driven applications. As the software landscape inclines towards AI-powered features, Qyrus stands at the forefront, offering a testing solution that embraces the non-deterministic nature of AI-driven products.

With the increasing demand for efficient and reliable software, effective testing has become more crucial than ever. Qyrus recognizes that conventional testing methods, which assume deterministic outcomes, are no longer sufficient for the complex, AI-driven applications of today and tomorrow.

“The future of software is AI-driven, and Qyrus is leading the charge in revolutionizing how these applications are tested,” said Ameet Deshpande, Senior Vice-President of Product Engineering at Qyrus. “Our testing platform goes beyond traditional ‘expected vs. actual’ result comparisons, offering a flexible, intelligent approach that can handle the unpredictable nature of AI-powered features.”

Qyrus’ cutting-edge platform harnesses advanced GenAI technology to identify potential bugs and errors with unprecedented accuracy. This approach not only streamlines the testing process for current applications but also ensures readiness for the AI-powered future of software development.

Qyrus Solutions for Today and Tomorrow:

AI-infused Testing: Utilize AI and ML tools to automatically identify and fix test scripts, comprehensively test mobile applications, and analyze test data to improve application quality, increase efficiency, and reduce time to market.

Web Testing: Build, test, and deploy higher-quality and error-free web applications faster and more efficiently, including those with AI-powered features.

Mobile Testing: Streamline test building and creating comprehensive, automated mobile test scripts with a low-code, no-code environment capable of handling AI-driven mobile applications.

API Testing: Enhance application quality and improve speed to market with codeless automation API testing that is adaptable to the complex interactions of AI systems.

Component Testing: Comprehensively test end-to-end business processes to ensure a high-quality and seamless customer experience by reusing the functional tests of all other app types.

Infrastructure Solutions: Select browsers and devices, customize environments, and test in parallel to ensure higher quality applications with a solution that scales up and down as needed, accommodating the resource-intensive nature of AI testing.

The Qyrus software testing platform is now available for businesses to experience the future of software testing. With its advanced AI capabilities, this platform is set to transform the software testing landscape and set a new standard for quality assurance.

Why Choose Qyrus for the AI-driven Future?

Adaptability: Qyrus’ platform is designed to handle both deterministic and non-deterministic testing scenarios, making it ideal for the evolving landscape of AI-driven applications.

Efficiency: Speeds up test building time by 70% and reduces test execution time by 50%, even for complex AI-powered features.

Quality: Expands test coverage by 80% and increases overall software quality by 50%, ensuring AI-driven products meet the highest standards.

Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces testing costs by 35%, optimizing budgets without compromising on the quality needed for cutting-edge AI applications.

“As we move into an era where AI is at the heart of software innovation, Qyrus is not just keeping pace – we’re setting the standard,” Ameet Deshpande added. “Our platform is uniquely positioned to handle the challenges of testing AI-driven products, ensuring that businesses can confidently deploy innovative features without compromising on quality or user experience.”

Qyrus is dedicated to continuously innovating and enhancing its platform to meet the evolving needs of the software testing industry. With a team boasting over 100 years of combined experience, Qyrus is the definitive solution to modern software testing challenges.

You can find more details on www.qyrus.com

You can also sign up for the 30-day free trial plan.

About Qyrus:

Qyrus is a comprehensive, codeless, and highly intelligent test automation platform. It efficiently tests Web, Mobile, and APIs with a single AI-powered cloud-based platform that detects and eliminates bugs early in the software development lifecycle. Its all-in-one Device Farm Infrastructure is Next-Gen, ISO 27001 & SOC2 compliant, and requires zero setup time and maintenance. Qyrus empowers testers, developers, and business teams to produce higher-quality products. It maximizes human ingenuity, minimizes unnecessary dependencies across the testing lifecycle, reduces human errors, and decreases operating and testing costs.

To know more, visit www.qyrus.com or contact us at marketing@qyrus.com.

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