5 Software Companies in England to Know


Software development is a sought-after career in the United Kingdom and one that earns a sizable salary. Despite being lucrative, companies — and even the national government — are struggling to fill software engineering roles, driving up demand for tech talent that much more. Check out these top software companies operating in England to learn more about the region’s diverse software sector.

Top Software Companies in England to Know

  • monday.com
  • BigCommerce
  • Amplience
  • Itransition
  • Shop Circle


Top Software Companies in England

Monday.com develops productivity software for companies of all sizes. Its solutions are highly customizable to support team collaboration.  It also features useful tools like dashboard views, form generators and Kanban boards. According to monday.com, its products are fast, beautiful and responsive, so people enjoy using them. 

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BigCommerce is a software company creating solutions for e-commerce businesses. With its platform, businesses ranging from startups to multinational companies can create digital storefronts and sell products or services. BigCommerce also features tools to connect omnichannel storefronts and boost product visibility through search engine optimization, or SEO.  

BigCommerce Is Hiring | View Open Roles

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Amplience develops generative AI-integrated CMS software that enables businesses to enhance their digital platforms. By using generative AI, companies can develop and alter content like images or text on their website. Users can also optimize a page’s SEO elements. According to Amplience, its CMS, used by companies like Ulta Beauty and iRobot, helps clients reduce production times.  


Itransition is a bespoke software development company headquartered in the United States with several locations in Europe. Using a talented team of in-house developers, the company develops solutions for clients across industries. Besides software, Itransition provides managed IT services as well as quality assurance and testing.  

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Shop Circle sells tech stacks, a set of development tools and software, to empower small businesses to scale. Its stacks are tailored to each business depending on their offerings but typically range from e-commerce stacks to growth and mobile stacks.


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